Dalvey Haus Project Details

Home Is Where It All Begins At Dalvey Haus
A world of your own, this home is where dreams are planted. The ultimate living experience is timeless and refined, here in a freehold oasis that nurtures you, calms you, and enriches you.

“To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World. Most People Just Exist”
Oscar Wilde

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less travelled by, And that made all the difference.”
Robert Frost

Live Richer In The City Nestled Amidst Lush Greenery
Surrounded by Singapore’s finest natural beauty, the highly sought-after premium site will surely delight residents with its proximity to the Botanic Gardens, Singapore’s first UNESCO Heritage Site and a testament to the country’s reputation as a City in a Garden.


At The Heart Of Everything
This prestigious and highly-valued development is tucked within the prime Good Class Bungalow (GCB) enclave of District 10. It is just a leisurely stroll away from Stevens MRT station and a short train ride to Singapore’s playground for the cosmopolitan. The Tanglin-Orchard district, acknowledged worldwide as a premium shopping, dining and tourist destination, is home to a vibrant mix of prime hotels, schools and embassies.

Dalvey Haus 坐落于第10邮区的优质洋房 (Good Class Bungalow)
区域内,邻近史蒂文斯地铁站,可乘地铁轻松抵达著名的东陵 – 乌节国际购物区(Tanglin-Orchard district)。该区域不仅是新加高端购物、餐饮和旅游目的地,并且还汇集了高档酒店、顶尖学校 和各国使馆,是新加坡这一国际大都会的黄金地段。

Dalvey Haus Location Map

A World-Class Address Close To The Heart
Live on the fringe of Singapore’s world-class fashion and retail belt. It’s like stepping in and out of the walk-in closets of international brands, with such great ease. And all around, premium hotels and prime lifestyle hotspots abound.


Artfully Curated For The Discerning
When you desire a life that flows above the mundane, you want a living space that does the same. On this oasis of grandeur, you will instinctively recognise that well-crafted quality and beauty live here too. Pair that with exceptional service and you have an outstanding home that truly delivers. For when it comes to having your desires met, nothing comes close to the personalised attention of KOP’s award-winning hospitality arm, curated for Dalvey Haus to provide residents with top-level concierge services.

Dalvey Haus Main Entrance

A New Class of Splendour Beckons

Dalvey Haus Building Facade

Come Home To Refined Luxury
First impressions are everything. The sublime sequence of stately exteriors gives Dalvey Haus a modern urban gallery aesthetic. After all, it is a repository of carefully planned spaces, settings and experiences. Exuding tranquility and tropical lushness, this exquisite freehold habitat in a low-rise GCB enclave is all about elegance where elegance pervades.

高雅庄重的外立面极致有序的排列着,赋予了 Dalvey Haus 现代都市画廊般的美,足以将让您对她一见钟情。这是一处精心规划并结合了生活设施和极致体验的空间。她充满了热带的绿意葱葱,无处不散发着宁静、高雅的气息。这座位于优质洋房(GCB)区域内、可拥有永久产权的低楼层别墅,将是您的精致住所。

Dalvey Haus Building Facade Night View

For Every Passion And Occasion
The central oasis is like an exquisite members-only resort club for the discerning 27 homeowners. The pool sparkles beautifully, cabanas exude five-star appeal, and the wellappointed gym inspires trending workouts. At the BBQ Pavilion, elegance and function blend perfectly so you can host cosy gatherings and smashing celebrations


Dalvey Haus Swimming Pool

Step Into Timeless Luxury Living
Dalvey Haus is a showcase of high-end architecture. Design schemes are elegantly simple, thoughtful and there is a pervasive sense of craft and quality to every item that you touch and see.

Grand Living Spaces Speak Volumes
It’s all about spatial drama. Designed with a home entertainer in mind, the grandest of rooms impresses with its double ceiling height while the accompanying large windows are invitations to marvel at serene outside views. An intimate dining area with a generously roomy kitchen is no doubt a welcoming space for guests to gather around.


Dalvey Haus Living Room

Luxury In Finer Details
Envision sumptuous ways to begin and end each day. Master or junior, the rooms possess a winsome richness in detail. While luxury is king, comfort reigns. Roomy, bespoke wardrobes. Warm colours. Sleek flooring underfoot. Bathrooms are en-suite, with his-and-hers basins.


Dalvey Haus Bedroom